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·        Transcribing Services

We use recorded digital formats of interviews (video/audio) and transcribe them to a written document.

·        Research transcriptions

We compile important facts and data form visual and audio formats to make them more readable and understandable to consumers.

·        Legal transcriptions

We focus on converting audio dictation by legal professionals and other recordings from legal cases into the printed word.

·        Disciplinary hearing transcriptions

When assigned for disciplinary hearings we document proceedings between employers and employees for record-keeping and ensure that such records serve as future evidence.

·        Sermon transcriptions

We focus on church recordings and discussions of religious or moral subject into text audio or visual forms.

·        Investigative transcriptions

We offer services to private investigators and local police services for criminal cases and investigations. 

·        Business transcriptions

We transcribe everyday business functions ranging but not limited to financial transcripts, insurance claims, confidential corporate boardroom meetings, management consulting, training sessions and business meetings.

·        CCMA transcriptions

One of our major business activities involves the transcription of the arbitration process. 

·        Conference transcripts

IKWorx transcribes the exchange of knowledge, information or a discussion in a prearranged meeting with a formal agenda. It is important to maintain an accurate record of the discussions that take place during its course.