SAQA ID : 242829

NQF Level : 4

Credits : 5

Duration : 3 days

Service SETA Number : 13640

Course Overview

A company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not exist in business. When you satisfy your customers’ needs, they not only help your organisation grow by continuing to do business with you, but they are more likely to recommend you to friends and associates. Organisations that demonstrate a consistent customer service strategy, commitment to investing in a high-performance workforce and customer-focused systems enable extraordinary service delivery and enhanced customer relationships. This highly interactive and enjoyable programme examines in depth how to build lasting rapport with your customers, uncovering their needs to build world class customer service in any medium that will:

• Show your customers how important you believe they are

• Ensure customers will enjoy dealing with you and will do more business

• Ensure customer retention vs recruiting new ones at higher cost

• Enable many of your customers to become advocates for your business in person and on-line creating word of mouth advertising as the most effective and cheapest kind

• Help your company stand out from your competitors

• Make your workplace more enjoyable and so improve staff retention which saves on recruitment and training costs

Event Venue


Innovative Knowledge Worx


1st Floor InfoTech Building, 1090 Acardia Street, Hatfield, Pretoria

012 667 5849

Event Info

  • Date

    15th - 17th Nov 2021
  • Time

    09:00AM - 16:00PM
  • Cost

    R3 000

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    Innovative Knowledge Worx
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    012 667 5849
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