The Art of safeguarding data through the POPI Act

Implementing PoPI creates an opportunity to simplify, review and streamline your business operations, policies and processes based on sound business practices and to embrace appropriate and cost-effective technological solutions. At IKWorx we can assist you on how to simplify the application of POPI but breaking the Act in to the Following:

  • Accountability: Help client companies to avoid fines up to R10 million or 10years jail term
  • Provide guidelines on the provesses for Collecting and Recording of Personal Information
  • Ensuring the existance of data integrity in client companies 
  • How to make stakeholders aware when disclosing their personal information
  • The best practises in the Retention and restriction of personal records:
  • Further Procesing and Conduct:
  • Disclore/Notification of personal data
  • Complaints Process
  • Safeguarding personal Data


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