Many organisations now rely totally on their digital environment for the day to day processing and the management of their business. The issues of information management, confidentiality, competitive edge and profitability are intrinsically linked, but unfortunately, information in the digital world is not attributed with the same degree of respect with regard to security as the paper document managed to achieve in its heyday.

Cloud computing and off-site data management has become a crucial and immediate need. At IKWorx we can help you develop frameworks for efficient delivery of cloud-based security services and for provisioning desirable solutions to customers based on their requirements. Our focus is on policy management systems in both local and cloud environments. Currently, users must use diverse access control solutions available for each cloud service provider to secure data.

The policies are displayed in a user friendly format that is easily accessed from a supported modern browser. They are presented by category of user so that general users do not need to read all the technical jargon to find the policies which affect them. Policy Management as a Service 

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